Center Point operates the Co-Educational Adult Withdrawal Management and Residential Treatment Program in Napa County in order to assist those in need of an intensive highly structured treatment environment including withdrawal management.

Withdrawal Management has a length of stay from one to seven days and provides non-medical interventions and preparation for entry into treatment.

The program offers a variable stay from 3 or more months, clients are assessed for additional treatment needs during the course of treatment.

All treatment is based on the client’s voluntary agreement for placement. Additional assessments are completed regarding the client's clinical, mental health, legal, family, and medical needs. Based on the intake interview and assessments, the client and the clinical team mutually develop an individualized treatment plan which will guide the client’s treatment experience.

The Adult Residential Treatment provides cognitive, behavioral, educational, vocational, and peer support interventions that promote pro-social adaptation to life without drugs and alcohol.


For referral information & enrollment contact staff at:

Napa County ADS P 707-253-4063

Center Point Napa P 707-255-8001

Center Point Napa F 707-255-8006

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